S/4HANA IS Mill solution provides an opportunity for mill product companies to achieve greater customer satisfaction through streamlined supply chain management, flexible delivery options and greater control over asset utilization and maintenance. Considering the complexities involved in mill product industries, SAP introduced S/4HANA IS Mill solution to

  • Automate processes from purchase to delivery
  • Streamline manufacturing and maintenance
  • Simplify and enhance customer experience
  • Streamline sourcing
  • Enable faster decision making by providing real time information access

SAP S/4HANA Key Benefits for Mill Product Industries

DIMP as a standard solution The SAP Mill Industry Solution for Discrete Industries is called DIMP (Discrete Industry Mill Products). DIMP was an add-on and not a standard feature. S/4HANA IS Mill solution provides value addition to the already existing functionality by making DIMP as a standard feature

Reduction in volume of material master data Adoption of class and characteristics functionality helps customers address each attribute of material master with valid combinations resulting in considerable decrease in the volume of material master data

Manufacturing planning functionality S/4HANA reduced the dependency on APO by making Manufacturing planning functionality, Production Planning and GATP (Global Available-to-Promise) part of the standard product. Potentially, the other functionalities of APO could also be made standard soon

Improved customer experiences the new material requirements planning (MRP) in S/4HANA comes with significant speed improvements. The speed improvements along with the new smart business cockpits provide an improved customer experience. A user can run MRP as and when a requirement arises

Mill order combination Standard SAP supports normal production process where a single production order produces a single output. SAP IS Mill solution supports single production process where multiple outputs can be produced catering to multiple MTO and MTS requirements. This feature of IS Mill enables combined order execution of multiple outputs and is called Mill order combination

Integration and Optimization S/4HANA IS Mill solution has integrated enterprise wide core business processes from order creation to planning and execution resulting in faster response to demand fluctuations, increased efficiency (Slitting optimization & DCS integration) and optimized inventory

Integrated Analytics SAP S/4HANA comes pre-loaded with Embedded Analytics that enables users to perform analytics on transactional data to gain insights in real time (ex: Demand planning)

Mobility SAP S/4HANA includes SAP Fiori UX, which provides a personalized, responsive, and role-based user experience across devices. SAP Fiori apps enable employees to easily access essential business processes across devices for faster decision making

Installation Options SAP provides customers a choice of deployment options for S/4HANA

  • – On premise, Cloud or Hybrid
  • – depending on the customer’s requirement