Automation & Testing

Efficiency and quality with testing and quality assurance services

The constant technology growth is prompting organizations not only to adopt new technologies more rapidly, but also reconsider their approach towards testing and quality assurance for faster and more efficient go-to-market, seamless customer experience, and enhanced profitability.

Companies with in-house testing teams often compromise on application quality due to the challenges of having the right skill set, lack of continuous improvements in their approach, and speed of technology adaptation.

A complete solution suite is covered under GETR, Inc. Testing Services:

SAP Testing

  • SAP has become a backbone for most of the enterprises today. As the SAP landscape grows to include new
    applications and technologies, it is vital that every critical business process works at all times. The more complex the environment, the harder it is to ensure that underlying transactions continue to perform properly across every enterprise application. Hence, it becomes crucial to define optimum test processes upfront while testing SAP applications.
  • Our WorkSoft services is designed to test SAP business processes the way you use them – to meet your unique requirement. Our services ensure business process quality end-to-end, across all applications, technologies, interfaces, devices, and geographies. With the right expertise and proven ability of functional SAP testing, our TCoE is designed to meet the industries standards and also helps us to build agile friendly testing framework and instrumenting our patented products into your application lifecycle management (ALM) tools and platforms.
  • Improve the performance of your SAP landscape

With our WorkSoft services for your SAP landscape you gain efficiency and improve quality by increasing QA coverage, accelerating projects, and reducing costs. WorkSoft automation testing allows you confidently bring continuous change into your SAP landscape. This also provide more insights on validating critical business processes – so that they continue to run as needed. GETR, Inc. WorkSoft SAP Testing Service drives productivity gains throughout your business by catching SAP defects earlier in the application life cycle and across more processes. This dramatically improves system reliability while minimizing downtime and ongoing development costs.

The business benefits are:

  • Reduce SAP development and testing costs and improve predictability
  • Accelerate time to market for new products and services


“Ensuring software quality through thorough testing is therefore a business imperative today. But this is not an easy task. It demands high levels of competence to successfully execute large volumes of testing in short time spans while ensuring 100 per cent accuracy. Manual testing cannot rise up to meet these demands. The solution thus lies in Automation.

Automation can perform at the speed, agility and precision levels expected by businesses that want to be at the top of their game. It is automation that can ensure software release dates are met on time, every time. Handling of complex test environments where multiple systems operate concurrently, and timing of activities is critical for successful testing is possible only with automation.”

Manual Testing vs Automation Testing
As the name suggests, manual testing requires human effort in running test cases without the use of any tools. Whereas, automation testing is performed by using some tools and test scripts.

What is Automation Testing?
When testing tools like Selenium, QTP, Load Runner etc. are used to write and execute test cases, it is called Automation Testing.

What is Functional Automation Testing?
Functional Automation Testing is the process of identifying various functionalities in the project which need to be repetitively tested and then developing and executing Automation Scripts (Programs) to validate the functionalities.

Advantages of Automation Testing

  • Automation vastly increases the test coverage
  • Automation optimize the testing speed
  • Automation improves the testing quality
  • Automation reduces the cost of testing
  • Automation reduces the test execution time
  • Automation does not require Human intervention. We can schedule tests to run overnight without human intervention.
  • Automation scripts can run at any time and any number of times.
  • Reusability of scripts on other applications.
  • Easy to test Stress, Performance and Load
  • Saves manual efforts.