Manufacturing firms today are being driven to higher and higher standards of compliance and governance. While it’s easy to think that growth is nothing but good news, success in the manufacturing industry comes with some unique challenges. Keeping up with customer demands is hard enough without having to ensure growth doesn’t overstretch your current processes. Compared to other industries, strategies in manufacturing organizations have resulted in a shift in focus that makes manufacturing processes more flexible, responsive, and competitive.
The globe, manufacturers are searching for new, creative ways to address the growing demands of global manufacturing. They want the latest tools and technologies to boost performance from their operations, suppliers, partners, distributors, and extended ecosystem, and they need global views for better visibility both internally and across the extended supply chain. Besides, operations must move information more effectively to gain real-time insight.
We offer a complete solution to Manufacturing Industries that keeps you compliant with Stock monitoring, Supply chain processing, Efficiency quality check, Complete automation boosts innovation speed and increases your flexibility

Key Challenges in Manufacturing

  • Analysing actual productivity
  • Exact utilisation of resources
  • Quality Management
  • Demand Based production
  • Handling Unit management
  • Batch management

Manufacturing: A specific SAP set-up developed by our experts, for Manufacturing Industries


We have considerable experience in implementing SAP in Manufacturing Industries. We have Subject Matter Experts who understand the Business processes in Food, Beverage, Engineering and Process Industries.

Demand Management

Recommend and Implement different Planning strategies under

  1. Make to Stock and
  2. Make to Order; Planning in multi Plant environment.

Materials Requirement Planning

Plant and MRP Area level MRP; Enhancements to MRP; Enhancements to Stock/Requirements Report. Employing different MRP types; Effective use of MRP parameters in Configuration and Master data for planning with precise quantities and dates to meet the Business Requirements, Handling order and lead time fluctuations using Static/Dynamic safety stock, safety lead time

Production Planning – Discrete

Production Planning using Production Orders for discrete manufacturing; With and without Batch management. Integration with HU Management, Warehouse Management

Production Planning – Repetitive

Production Planning using Planned Orders for Repetitive manufacturing; With and without Batch management. Integration with HU Management, Warehouse Management

Production Planning – Process

Production Planning using Process Orders for process industries; With and without Batch management. Integration with HU Management, Warehouse Management


Kitting of the Product subsequent to manufacturing either

  1. own plant personnel or
  2. subcontractors; Kit to stock, Kit to Order.

Batch Management

Managing Batches in Inventory, Batch Determination, Linking Vendor Batches to manufacturing, Traceability of bathes delivered and their origin; Documentary Batch management: which eliminates the need for managing inventory in batches but provides info on “Where Used” at consumption points, Batch Status Management to restrict the Goods movement of material inventory of certain batches

Rev level Management

Interchangeability of Materials with Rev level change; Customer Initiated Reve level change management. Switch over from OLD to NEW revision of Finish Good or Component may result in unused OLD stock. GETR has alternate solutions to Handle these scenarios to ensure the wastage is minimized/eliminated

Material Staging to Production

Recommend and Implement different strategies for transfer of stock from Source to Work Centres. The sources include Storage Location, Warehouse, Different Plant, External supplier; Solution may include Use of Radio Frequency Scanner, KANBAN etc. depending on the Business Requirements

Handling Unit Management

Effective use of Handling Unit Management and its integration with Production, Warehouse, Outbound and Inbound Logistics; Automatic Packing function using Packing Instructions, Handling Partials and Batches in Handling Unit; Club Packing etc.

Cross Docking from Manufacturing to Shipping

In case of products with SHORT shelf life, Transfer of product to sister companies at the next door etc. there is no need to transfer the stock to the warehouse; Instead, the produce can be X-docked at the Shipping area. GETR developed and successfully implemented custom built solutions which optimizes the material handling

Interface to External Systems

Develop interfaces to

  1. External Manufacturing Execution systems,
  2. Material Handling Robotic systems,
  3. Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS),
  4. Carousels (for storage and retrieval)

3PL Integration

Develop interfaces to 3PLs with visibility of Inventory, Inbound and Outbound movements

RF Scanner based material movements

GETR built custom RF transactions for movement of stocks on Shop floor; These are user friendly and fool proof. The use of RF can be in SAP WM or SAM IM environments depending on the Business Requirements.

Physical Inventory at Storage Location level using Tags

GETR developed and successfully implemented custom built Physical Inventory (end to end) solutionin Manufacturing Plants where SAP WM is not implemented, In the absence of inventory management at Storage Bin level, Paper tags are considered for identification of inventory; Wall to Wall Physical Inventory is carried out using the counted info on the Tags; A Dashboard with all functions is built to cover the End to End process and Reports