Mill Products

The Mill industry is characterized by strict characteristic based availability check requirements. Single Unit batch, Fast data entry, NF Metal processing, Reel calculation, Reel determination, DTUC (Cutting processing) and returnable packaging are just a few of the many topics Challenges we address with our FAST-IS Mill template, developed specifically for Cable suppliers.

Consumer markets are dominated by a demand for cable variants, ever-faster delivery time and at the highest quality. The pressure placed on the cable design time and deliver to their suppliers, making flexibility an essential differentiator required to win new contracts.



We offer a complete solution to IS-Mill Products that keeps you compliant with Characteristic based Availability check, NF Metal processing, CDA (Cable design and analysis), Custom Batch determination boosts your innovation speed and increases your flexibility

Key Challenges in IS-Mill Products

  • Characteristic based ATP (Custom ATP)
  • CDA (Cable design and Analysis)
  • Batch Determination with different lengths (Custom)
  • Cable Order combination with multiple variants
  • NF Metal processing with final cable design

IS-Mill Products: A specific SAP set-up developed by Cable experts for Cable

– Textile

– Paper

– Wood

– Steel

– Cement

  • Class and Characteristics
  • Combined Production Order Processing
  • Fast data Entry at Sales order, Purchase order, Production order and Goods Receipt
  • Cable cutting Process (DTUC Processing)
  • Single Unit Batch
  • Batch Information Cockpit
  • NF Metal Processing
  • Reel Calculation
  • Reel determination
  • Returnable Packaging
  • Output management with BRF+
  • Rebate Settlement management process
  • AVC (Advanced variant configuration)
  • AATP (Advanced availability promise – Back order processing and Product Allocation)
  • PPDS (Production Planning and detailed scheduling
  • Live Cache MRP
  • PLM -Product life cycle management

Why Choose GETR

We understand Mill Products manufacturing industries have unique requirements and we also understand the pain points and speak your language. We have expertise to address these areas to improve your business process.