Energy, Resources & Utilities

 GETR is utilities expert with experience of serving public utilities, approved as well as municipalities with utility divisions. We led the utilities on the design, implementation, and optimization of SAP for utility companies. Our latest solution for utilities on SAP, GETR Utility Financials Accelerator, addresses today’s more stringent FERC reporting requirements and is certified by SAP as powered by the NetWeaver® technology platform.

SAP for Utilities: Our Services and Solutions

GETR delivers a variety of software solutions and consulting services for utilities on SAP, including:

  • Regulatory reporting (FERC) business process enhancements
  • New General Ledger migration impact analysis and prototyping
  • Fleet Management and fuel consumption data integration
  • Process and data integrity improvements around SAP cost object corrections
  • SAP implementation and optimization services
Our experience in SAP for utilities includes Financials, Regulatory Reporting, Work Management (Plant Maintenance, Materials Management), Public Sector, Fleet Management, Grants Management, Financial Supply Chain Management, and more.

We address the following business areas:

  • Power Generation
  • Power and Gas Transmission
  • Power, Gas and Water Distribution
  • Asset Management
  • Global Supply
  • Global Marketing
  • Global Energy Trading
  • Customer Service

Customer Relationship Management

  • Interaction Centre WEB UI
  • Consumer Segmentation

Meter Management

  • Interval Reads n Disconnection
  • Meter Read Management

Contract Billing

  • Time of Use (TOU)
  • Spot Pricing
  • Meter Rent

Account Management

  • Complain Management
  • Dunning

Data Migration

  • Accelerated Migration Workbench
  • Object Definition & Mapping
  • Upload Strategy

Training Manuals

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