SAP Workflow

SAP Workflow enables getting the right information to the right people at the right time, and helps eliminate manual processes that include paper, email and excel spreadsheets. Workflow provides traceability, monitoring across your selected business processes, and integrates well with Portal, Outlook and Mobile. Workflow reports provide a great view of any process bottlenecks and deadline handling helps ensure users perform required tasks when assigned.

Our Workflow team has extensive experience in designing and developing workflow solutions in SRM, Travel & Expense, HR, MM, SD and FI modules with advanced role resolution techniques, deadline monitoring, offline approval process with Outlook, Mobile and UWL integration and designing common delegation of authority approach that can be used in any workflow approval.

Our workflow solutions empower your workforce to carry out the work anywhere, anytime instantly using mobile devices and automate SAP processes such as transaction and master data creation which will improve visibility and control while yielding savings in time, labor and resources.

Below are a few of our workflow solutions

  • Shopping Cart Approvals
  • Purchase Requisition Approvals
  • Purchase Order Approvals
  • Service Entry Sheet and Goods Receipt Approvals
  • Travel & Expense Approvals
  • Accounts Payable Invoice Approvals
  • Leave Request Approvals
  • Time Sheet Approvals
  • Sales Order Approvals
  • Sales Quotation Approvals
  • Journal Entry Approvals
  • Vendor Request Approvals
  • Material Master Request Approvals


  • Faster transaction processing
  • Reduced cycle time for approvals
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Greater accuracy
  • Improved regulatory and contract compliance
  • Anytime, Anywhere approval functionality
  • Automation of business processes