SAP Personas

Personas is an SAP-Qualified Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Fiori includes the new SAP Fiori apps and enables the implementation of SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP UI5 and one or more Fiori Apps for full productive purposes in a fixed time and fixed price. Digital Personas Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) implementation for SAP Fiori operationalizes your workforce immediately and brings instant value to your enterprise. Rapid-deployment solutions can help drastically reduce implementation efforts compared to a classic approach, since the base processes within the solution scope are very well-defined best practices, and more efficient than defining custom-specific processes.


Value Drivers

  • Operationalize immediately and bring instant value to employees.
  • Maintains a simple, easy to use consumer grade experience helping in easy adoption of the system
  • Pre-packaged and predefined, reducing 40% of the time taken by traditional implementations, bringing down the cost of implementation and proving a better ROI.

Business Benefits

  • Extend the value of existing SAP investments.
  • The most broadly and frequently used business functions are renewed
  • Get operational within weeks, saving time and cost of implementation.
  • Rapidly simplify user experience for support managers, employees, sales representatives, and purchasing agents.
  • Can be accessed from mobile and desktop devices enabling employees to complete their tasks from anywhere.

Unique Differentiators

  • Expert in creating and extending Fiori Apps
  • Customer success stories of deploying Fiori Apps
  • Leverages package extension accelerators
  • Simplified implementation of new Fiori apps
  • Minimized risk with a guaranteed timeline and predictable, upfront costs