The use of bar codes and RF devices has made warehouse operations more efficient. Data entry errors are fewer and the time needed to perform operations in the warehouse has been reduced because the date can be collected by a RF device without requiring manual collection and manual entry of data. SAP’s functionality enables real time handling of material flow through RF scanning devices.

Our team brings you the benefits of deep expertise in all aspects of a warehouse management with a full spectrum of consulting engagement options ranging from consulting, proof of concepts, and blueprinting, through full implementation. We offer a unique perspective and value unmatched by larger consulting firms.

The following are a few Warehouse Management Processes implemented by our team:
1. Goods Receipt Processes with shipping notifications
2. Goods Issue Processes for outbound Deliveries
3. Stock Transfer Processes within the Distribution Network
4. Physical Inventory Processes for the warehouses within the Distribution Network
5. Put away processing

SAP RF Mobile Solution Benefits:

A significant increase in employee productivity
A substantial increase in warehouse velocity
Improved warehouse space utilization
Reductions in inventory levels
Improved order accuracy
Reduced order processing and order to ship time

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